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About Us


Mr. Shine provides you with a great car wash experience, with options such as exterior express wash only, wash and vacuum yourself, and wash and interior cleaning.

Our WashGlide TM Conveyor allows for ease of loading, less anxiety and no wheel damage.  The equipment is constructed out of stainless steel and the material is a combination of soft cloth and closed cell foam. When combined with our high end detergents, polishes and waxes, we are able to provide the proper lubricity to deliver you an exceptionally clean, dry and shiny car.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • LED electronic menu boards

  • Modern pay station

  • WashGlide TM Conveyor

  • CarWalk TM Conveyor

  • Ceramic Shine Wax

  • Self vacuums, towels, air guns

  • Beverage & vehicle vending

A New Experience

  • Unique experience

  • Easy-to-use Mr. Shine App

  • Long Wash Tunnel

  • Interior Cleaning Building

  • CarWalk TM Conveyor

  • Dazzling Light Show

  • Accommodates Wide Tires

  • Free Seattles Best Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate


Mr. Shine Car Wash is locally family owned and operated. The founder of the company has over 30 years of car wash experience. After traveling around the world working the world’s top car washers; advising, designing, and collaborating with them on site selection, layout, process flow and marketing, it was time to take the next step and build a car wash the founder long envisioned. The knowledge and appetite for continuous improvement and innovation from the Mr. Shine team has came to life at its very first location in Peoria, Arizona. We hope you enjoy our unique car wash experience and are proud to be part of the Uptown Peoria community.