Speedy, Shiny, Friendly

At Mr. Shine Car Wash we get back to basics by providing a clean, family-friendly environment where service matters. We are pleased to provide you the best wash experience with our exceptional team members and a unique facility designed to shine your vehicle and get you back on the road in a timely manner.

A smile and a shine are what you’ll get at Mr. Shine!

Come get your shine on with us! Not only will your car look better, but you’ll feel better!

– The Mr. Shine Team


Did you know that Mr. Shine has the most advanced car wash in Arizona? Our car wash tunnel has 150 feet of high quality wash equipment and a custom dual belt conveyor designed with your safety and your vehicles safety in mind. Our top-of-the-line technology means you will get a safer shine and be on with your day in no time.

By washing your car at Mr. Shine, you are doing your part for the environment. Driveway washing allows contaminated water to flow into rivers and streams. Mr. Shine uses environmentally friendly chemistry, is designed to conserve water while processing it to be reused, and ensures that no harmful chemicals end up in the environment.


Mr. Shine has Arizona’s only Express Interior Cleaning Belt and Building.

Considered the Flex Service option after the car wash building, this Express Interior service enhances the Mr. Shine experience by providing you with a great atmosphere where you can enjoy a complimentary Starbucks beverage while watching our team members perform the following services in a quick 8 minute time frame. Services performed: Floor mats, windows, dashboard, console, cup holders, vacuum, door jambs, quality check.

This process is built around the following: to create a speedy, shiny, friendly experience that allows you to maintain a clean vehicle by getting the inside and outside cleaned in 10-12 minutes and back on the road.


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What we do:


Express Washes (3 offerings) or Express Wash + Interior Cleaning (1 offering)

Provide an efficient inside & outside wash that allows you to maintain a clean vehicle & get you back on the road in 10-12 minutes

Belt conveyor that is safe for your wheels, custom wheels, and low profile vehicles

Specifically formulated chemicals that are not only great and safe for your vehicle but also environmentally friendly

Provide large vacuum stalls to give you room to DIY in a nice environment with air detailers, towels, mat washers, and car wash vending as well as beverage vending for use

Clean the inside of your vehicle in 7 minutes in Arizona’s first climate-controlled interior cleaning building

Provide a friendly, fun, safe, and one of a kind car washing experience

What we don’t do:


Tire Shine – this petroleum-based product slings on the side of vehicles and creates a mess of your vehicle. Most washes are now removing Tire Shine due to customer complaints. Application is best done by hand and we cannot apply it on the interior belt as the product may leave a residue that would cause a slip hazard. The product will be offered in our vending machine.

Wash vehicles that have been off-roading and not rinsed prior to coming to us

Deep cleaning in the interior cleaning building. This efficient way of cleaning is not full detail in 7 minutes.

Clean the area of a vehicle that has an attached product (ex: trailer hitch, roof rack) as the equipment is set to retract for the safety of your vehicle and our equipment.

Dually vehicles or oversized lifted trucks (our vehicle clearance is 86” or 7’2”)

Hard Selling, Drive Your Vehicle, Glass, or Lube


Imagine having a clean car everyday